Delicious Indian Food

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This time I will bring my friends on a culinary road to India, you know India right ?, which is a country famous for its film industry, but this time I will not discuss the film, but about some delicious Indian specialties.

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Famous Indian specialties include;

1. There is a food called “Sin” hmmm a unique name for a meal huh

Hey friends, after its popularity as Bollywood, India has become a sexy destination in the Asian region. Not only because of the Bollywood side that attracts attention, but also architecture, and Indian foods that are no less exotic.

Similar to countries in Asia, Indian cuisine is very thick with spices and curries.

Based on the unique food name, “dosa” is a popular food from South India made from rice, lentils, potatoes, methi, and curry leaves.

Although made from rice, this “sin” dish is more similar to pancakes made from fermented rice and black lentils. The contents themselves are french fries, mustard seeds, and spices that are perfectly rolled, and served with sauce and greetings. Come on, whoever ate it?

2. There is a delicious food called “Chole Bahture”

Friend, Chole bhature is one of the typical Indian foods of type nuts. Chole itself is a bean that can be found in India easily, the shape is very tempting eyes. Before being processed into food, the chole must be soaked first for one night and then cooked with some herbs which are also mixed with yogurt.

While bhature is fat-shaped bread after going through the frying process. The bhature size is quite large but inside there is no filling at all. Therefore, chole and bhature can be eaten as complementary offerings. Crunchy chole that has been mixed with thick sauce put into bhature and then eaten. In India, this food is sold quite a lot so that everyone can enjoy it anytime.

3. Now friend, the third director is a delicious food called “Idli”

“Idli” is a typical food originating from South India. When viewed from the appearance of this typical food is round and white and generally circular round.

In India, Idli is usually served as a breakfast menu. Indian society is usually enthusiastic to eat Idli when it comes out of a steamer or pressure cooker because it is still legit and warm. This Indian special food is made from the basic ingredients of white rice to be able to fill the stomach as an opening menu in the morning.

Well, friends, the process of making Idli’s typical food is quite complicated and time-consuming. This is because the rice used must be fermented in advance for 8-10 hours in water. Then when the mixture has expanded then put into the mold and steamed within 10-12 minutes with a high temperature. If it is ripe, the idli can be directly eaten warm with pineapple.

4. The Fourth is Kheema

Well, friends, these special foods are traditional foods that are so famous in South Asia, one of them is India. This food uses ground beef as its main dish. The meat is seasoned by a variety of herbs combined with peas or potato slices. The selected meat can be from many animals and usually from beef.

Kheema is most delicious when eaten at night where the weather is cold. This Indian food is usually not eaten alone, but first wrapped with white bread or naan. The legit texture of white bread or naan combined with the spiciness of the kheema can help warm the body that is cold due to nighttime haze.

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