Delicious Sri Lanka food

Delicious !!! Hmmm. What do all of your friends think?

Hmmm, of course, you must remember the food right?

Ok, this time, my friend, I will invite you all the culinary paths in Sri Lanka, I’m sure not all friends in Sri Lanka are looking for delicious food typical of Sri Lanka.

Friend, there is a lot of delicious food that is very appetizing in Sri Lanka and we will review it now, hi … I welcome you well.

Ambul Thiyal

Maybe among the friends who have ever served delicious food on this one, it tastes so good and addictive friend, As we get Ambul Thiyal is one of the most preferred types of fish in the Sri Lankan community. Fish that is often used in this dish is tuna. Diced fish meat, then sauteed in a mixture of spices including black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, pandan leaves, and curry leaves, the point is undoubtedly delicious.

The most important thing from taking Thiyal is a dried Gorka, a small fruit that gives a curry sour taste. Ambul thiyal itself is a dry curry dish, which means all the ingredients are boiled with a little water and cooked until they are somewhat dry, making it suitable for family meals.

The second is a delicious dish called Lamprais

This food is a typical combination of rice, meat curry (beef, lamb, pork), sambal, fish, eggplants, beans, and cakes wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed and roasted.

Lamprais is the most famous specialty food in Sri Lanka. This food is also called a Dutch burger, its shape is round as fat as a burger, but its contents are different.

Of course, this food is very suitable when served with friends or even at a family event, hmmm how? Have you imagined the delicacy ?, It seems like you need to plan to eat together with the closest people you love so that there is a beautiful impression that is forgotten from eating Lamprais

Third, there is a delicious Sri Lankan food called Pittu

Now for fast food this one must be friends often meet at the nearest restaurant, Kottu is a typical Sri Lankan hamburger, which is made from bread known as typical Godamba bread.

When a friend orders this food, usually the kottu seller will fry and cut bread with the choice of ingredients you choose, Kottu is served with a spicy curry sauce, which you can add as a sauce or pour over your entire plate.

Kottu is usually served in addition to meat can also be flavored with cheese, chocolate, and spicy lamb.

The Fourth of the rare delicacies of Sri Lanka is Appa

Well, friend, for this one is different from my review earlier, this one is like a cake and food is usually much liked by children and adolescents, the name of the food is “Appa”.

This Appa food is made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk, then scrambled so that the edges of the skin become crispy, but the midsection remains soft and tasty like a cake in general.

This meal is used as a snack that can be served with a variety of foods. like, side dishes called plain appa or with a sunny side up eggs, used as a substitute for rice, supplemented with curry sauce and other side dishes.

Well, ok friend, get here first, take a culinary walk. In the next opportunity, I will invite Shabat to go for a culinary walk to a different place and with different specialties.    

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