Children in the official housing environment in question are children who occupy or reside in housing official offices, in this discussion the author will prioritize the culture or habits and character of children in the environment above.

Children in an official housing environment or in a housing complex that is located separately from the general community environment usually have different habits and habits that are different from the general community environment in general

The above is due to the situation and conditions that are indeed different, in the housing environment situation of the office or dormitory, children only have friends and objects of play that are very limited, so they only understand the environment and habits that they see and they do with all their limitations

The other side of the shortcomings of children in the environment is usually less understanding the outside world both in terms of association and creativity because they only find something they get from a very limited environment

Therefore, because of that, usually, the related service is responsible for an official housing or apartment, usually preparing facilities or facilities to support the needs of the environment, such as sports fields, play facilities, and even parks, even in this modern era there are many housing developers which provide shopping and entertainment centers

The other side of the advantages of children and adolescents in an official housing or apartment environment is usually more prominent in the sports and arts creativity, not a few children and adolescents in the environment usually have sports clubs and music groups, their environmental limitations make fewer associations, that means they are more focused on the activities they face or can be said to be more focused

The negative side of children and adolescents in the housing environment and or apartment or a housing complex is usually they are less open to the outside world or in short, can be said to be more individualistic

According to their understanding, usually, when joining children and adolescents outside the housing or outside the residence it is considered as less modern or tacky

Another negative side of children in the environment mentioned above is also found cases of children who are not happy to mingle with their environment, this is because a small part of them feel bored with their limited environment, so they prefer to confine themselves at home and play gadgets, this is also very risky because in persevere with the situation that usually in a residential environment there are already cable tv facilities and internet networks so that many of them generally understand the virtual world more than the real world

Of course, this is not what we want, so the supervision of parents here is very instrumental, but it all must also be supported by the existing facilities in the environment, such as playgrounds and music studio studios so that they can attract their interests to do activities outside the room

Finally, as a writer, I invite the relevant agencies to deal with housing or apartment developers or dormitory offices to pay attention to the facilities in the environment to be established to make the environment more lively and producing human resources. who can build and work?

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