Why choose Digital Marketing as a career in 2020?

Digital Marketing | New Jobs |2020.

There’s no doubt in saying covid19 hit all the businesses hard. The company’s laying off people in large numbers,

If you’re considering to shift your job or to enter into digital marketing. This blog is for you.

Digital Marketing

What’s digital marketing in short?

In Short, Digital marketing is closing a deal by making content engaging in the ads, optimizing your content to get a better reach in google, or various social media accounts.

Digital Marketing Covers in a lot of areas, such as:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media
  • Content management
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Analytics
  • Business/marketing strategy
  • Pay per click analyst

So, To be on point it’s basically how a company’s content should reach the maximum number of people digitally.

Here are the 5 reasons you can choose digital marketing :


1.) DEMAND :

People spending more time on the digital medium and likely the numbers are promising in the present and future as well. The Demand’s going to increase for sure.

But there’s a huge skill gap between industry needs and the skills.

Digital Marketing isn’t about SEO or catchy head title it’s about bringing value, telling a story with strategies for sure to captivate your customers. Research is the main key in digital marketing.

2.) Earnings:

when there’s a demand for more, you’re likely to earn far more.

The projected average salary of a digital marketing manager is about 70,000 US$ .

By the experience and your value-adding to the company brings more earnings on the table.

And, also people who like to freelance also have a huge opportunity here as it’s a high-income skill.

3.) Career Growth:

The replacement for this job is impossible till the internet exits.

As more and more usage of internet is going to add people to it.

The more demand for digital marketing is going to get. Companies already realized a strong presence is a way to go and likely to recruit 60% more, marketers.

4.)Work Satisfaction:

This job has a unique combination of using technical and creative knowledge.which is exciting as your constantly evolving.

You’ll probably make captivating content and also analyze it, tweak it, and make better strategies.

5.) It’s Easy:

If you’re looking for something which is easy to learn, fast way to enter a market. This is the field for you.

All you need is an understanding of a customer behavior and use strategies with tools and your knowledge,you’re good to go.

They’re plenty of free courses and paid courses online. You can check them out, start from small.


If you want to turn your life around with a high-income skill and learn quickly. This would be the best field for you if your interested.


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