Do This When Children Have High Fever

Hey friend, Fever in children is not always a dangerous condition, but if it occurs for days and in high-temperature intensity, as a parent of course the mother will feel very worried. Moreover, if the child arrives and does not stop crying because he feels uncomfortable. If a child has a fever, this is something you can do at home!

Well, This Is What To Do When Children Have High Fever

Fever in children is usually an attempt by the body to respond to an illness. The sensation of warmth that arises is usually caused by an infection not visible in the body of the Little One. The following independent efforts that mothers can do at home when children have a high fever:

Compress with warm water is the first attempt that mothers can do to relieve child fever. This type of compress can be made by soaking a towel in hot water, then coat the towel so that the compressed part of the skin does not suffer burns due to the hot towel temperature.

Warm compresses can also be made by putting hot water into a bottle. Then, coat the bottle with a small towel so that the bottle feels warm, compresses on the little body parts. A compress with warm water will cure the fever for a while.

When it has subsided, the mother can immediately take him to the nearest hospital for the next treatment step. When warm water compresses are done as a primary treatment step, your child may feel fussy because they feel uncomfortable. However, the way of hereditary is considered effective and quite helpful when needed.

Wipe the Child’s Body with Warm Water

Similar to compressing with warm water, the mother can wipe the child’s body by using warm water with a temperature of 29.4-32.2 degrees Celsius. The method itself can be done like compressing warm water, using a small towel soaked in warm water. When in direct contact with the skin, the towel will make the little body temperature decreases slightly.

When a child has a high fever, do not wipe the child’s body with cold water, because it will make the child shiver, and make his body temperature rise to compensate for the cold. Instead of decreasing the temperature, the child can experience a higher fever.

Don’t Wear Thick Clothes

Usually, mothers take steps to put on thick clothes and blankets when the child has a high fever. The reason is for the child to sweat and his body temperature to decrease. Though this should not be done because the thick material will prevent the release of heat from the body.

Instead of going down, the body temperature can go up, and the child’s fever gets higher. Mothers should dress their children in thin clothes so that the heat in the body can easily get out of the body.

Room Temperature is as Comfortable as Possible

Regulating room temperature as comfortable as possible is the next step in relieving a child’s fever so that the child does not feel hot or even shivering. Setting the room temperature as comfortable as possible will make the child rest and sleep comfortably for a long time so that his condition can recover quickly.

Give lots of water

The last step you can take is to give it plenty of water. Water can relieve fever in children because when children have a fever, they will lose a lot of fluids in the body. By consuming lots of water, then the water content in the child’s body will be maintained properly. That way, the body can more quickly release heat in it.

Immediately see a doctor at the nearest health facility if a series of steps are not able to relieve fever in children. Especially if the fever occurs for days with high intensity. Mothers should immediately make efforts to handle if the child’s temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or more because it indicates that the child needs to get help as soon as possible.


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