Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes to Stay Healthy

Hello Friend, how about your eye condition ?, Is it still normal or already wearing glasses?

Well, my friend, on this occasion I will bring you to better understand how to care for your eyes to stay beautiful and healthy.

Friend, the eye is a visual organ with a small size. However, the eye also has a very important role in daily life. For this reason, we need to maintain and care for it by taking proper care.

Because, if you pay less attention to eye health, your eyes can experience various disorders which can certainly be a barrier in doing activities. Maybe, some of you are still confused about how to take care of your eyes to stay healthy and clear.

For that, I will share a little way to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear, which of course you can do. Come on, keep listening!

1. Pay Attention to Eyes Distance When Watching or Reading

It should be noted for friends, that how to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear, of course, the first time you must do is control the distance of the eye to the object, both in terms of watching television or reading a book.

Because it can make the eyes work extra to focus on the object and can cause eye muscles to become tenser so that it can make your head feel dizzy.

2. Less Time Being in Front of the Screen

In addition to paying attention to distance, how to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear you can do is to reduce the time when in front of a television screen or computer screen. Some people who are cool to watch or are focused on doing something sometimes make forget about the time and finally unwittingly it makes eye health decline.

3. Increase drinking water

Well, do you like to drink water ?, It seems we ignore this, we prefer to drink soda water or water that has been mixed with sugar which damages our eye health.

Well, friends, can not be denied, drinking lots of water is one way to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear that you must do. Water has a million benefits for the body, including in maintaining eye health. For that, do not forget to continue to consume lots of water.

4. Consume foods with high vitamin A content

Well, friend, of course, anyone knows that vitamin A is very good for your eye health. Some health experts also recommend to always consume a variety of foods that contain high vitamin A such as carrots, pumpkin, avocado, tomatoes, and others. How to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear this one has a very big influence on the health of your eyes and can maintain eye health until old age.

5. Increase consumption of green vegetables

In addition to having to eat a lot of foods containing vitamin A, do also how to care for your eyes to stay healthy and clear on this one, namely Increase consumption of green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, and other types of vegetables. Green vegetables are believed to contain lutein which can keep eyes healthy.

Of course, for those who work as vegetable farmers, green vegetables are easy to get, but like friends who do not farm, vegetables try to learn to grow yourself at home.







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