Education 3 Reasons Why You Should Seek it

The Importance of Education – By Veron Singh

To be human means to take on education; and to be educated means to be empowered to act responsibility and advance in life! Unless a large proportion of people attempt to be educated; then society is inevitably headed for ruin and more importantly the reasoning and type of education needs to be considered! I will give you 3 reasons why education is not only important for you, but to improve the state of modern society !

The State of Modern Society 

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In today’s modern society, one has access to so much resources; not only on the internet, but around the globe. Therefore there is no excuse for the average human to pursue education and spiritual advancement by the proper means. Humans are generally meant for education and without this in society; there is a degradation of culture, values and ultimately we become no better than an animal society. The main preoccupations of an animal society is “eating,mating,fearing and sleeping” . However one who can see the purpose of education and spiritual sciences is an intelligent human who will not waste this life form to do stupid things.

Yet; there is even a quality of knowledge which needs to be understood. Most knowledge and literature are actually useless; they do not discuss important ideas relevant for a human. Instead they are mainly about sense-gratification in the guise of education. This is what the modern system has gradually become due to a lack of vision beyond sense gratification and feeding the economic machine which destroys human intelligence.

In fact education starts at the notion that; I am the spirit and not the body. Meanwhile ignorance starts at I am the body and pleasure is my only past-time. In that sense most of modern education is in the mode of ignorance and only confuses the student further by mistaking memory for intelligence. Whilst memory is an aspect of education; intelligence itself is memory-less and it isn’t even dependent on genetic factors but the willingness of the student and whether he/she can see beyond the material reality.

Life Long Learner

To be a life long learner, means somehow or another; you kept your humanity above the animal nature and you are dedicated to a life of truth, empowerment and liberation. To be a life long learner means that you haven’t wasted human life in bars,restaurants, clubs and other places only intended to gratify you in the short term. Know that no amount of sense gratification can fill the void within your heart and mind; only satisfied by pursuing spiritual knowledge and education in other aspects such as art,philosophy, science etc.

The reason why people don’t like education is because in some way or another; it requires short term sacrifice for long term benefit. Yet at the same time if you develop a taste for education; just like one develops a taste for sense gratification, you can enthusiastically pursue it with no problems!

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Education = Empowerment for Change

To be educated means being empowered in your own life. Not only will aspects of your life improve such as wellness, financial freedom, liberation from miseries and being able to distinguish between truth and ignorance. But you will also be in the position to teach others the valuable knowledge and skills which you have acquired thereby empowering in the process. To be educated does not mean you are better than anyone else; its a privilege which you should make full utility of.

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