Educational content themed what should I write great tips for students to enjoy learning physics

students to enjoy learning physics generally, students do consider physics as a complicated subject. If traced, it is also not certain that other subjects such as mathematics, Indonesian, and other social subjects will be easy. In that case, none of the subjects in school are easy!

If physics is not considered easy, it is simply because of mistaken assumptions. Or indeed, students are not interested in subjects that require reasoning. Studying physics requires interest, reading skills, and mathematical calculations.

The subject matter of physics does not escape calculation through formulas and abstract series of events. This does not need to make a headache for students. The important thing is there is a willingness to study physics so that the value of these subjects is not bad. Here are powerful tips for learning physics in the Educational Matra version:

1. Correct wrong assumptions

The first thing that needs to be done is to correct misconceptions about physics. Existing formulas in physics material come from statement sentences.

As an example;

Coulomb force equation: Fc = k. Q1.Q2 / r2. Looks complicated right? The equation is derived from sentence statements that can be memorized. That, the magnitude of the tensile or repulsive force (Fc) between two charges (ie Q1 and Q2) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance (r2) between the two charges. (note: inversely proportional to division operations in mathematics.)

2. Physics has a father and mother

What does it mean? The father of physics is mathematics. While the mother of physics is Indonesian. To learn physics it is necessary to be skilled at reading and translating the meaning of each sentence statement. Then skilled at carrying out mathematical calculation operations.

3. Don’t study physics

Learning must be routine but do not need to linger. That is, studying 10 minutes 3 times is better than 45 minutes at a time. Learning physics must be routine and do not need long.

4. Crafted in physics problems

Diligent practice in physics problems leads students to an understanding and skills to solve the test questions. People who are good at working in physics aren’t just because of their intelligence. But more likely because of his diligence in practicing physics problems.

5. Complete all physics needs

The need to study physics includes learning resource books, notebooks, exercise books, a collection of practice questions, and so forth. Physics learning resource books can be textbooks and supporting books. Physics notes must be complete and neat.

6. Learn groups

Studying physics at home is best with a group. It doesn’t need much, just 3 to 4 people. If there are too many group members, it is feared that it will no longer be a discussion of physics lessons.

Ok friends, for the teachers in teaching the point is sincere and creative, if a teacher does not think forward it will be crushed by the times, the teacher must be innovative and creative, regards


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