Finding Balance with Everything You Do – 1 Way!

Finding Balance with Everything You Do – Veron Singh

So balance is a major aspect of life for any human being; one who is regulated in sleeping, eating, studying, work or any sphere of life for that matter is sure to find success. In fact in any culture around the world; whether that be India, Europe, Australia or Africa ,balance plays a huge role to not only ensure peace and prosperity; but also so that the whole aim of human life is not missed. However when there is lack of balance on the individual level, in society or otherwise; inevitably there will be inner turmoil,unrest, protests, heated debates and even violence as we have seen frequently on the news. So lets talk about what real balance means.


Balance and Moderation 

The first aspect of balance is moderation or being able to not over-do or under-do an activity. For example one who over-eats will experience various diseases such as diabetes; meanwhile one who under-eats may be too undernourished to perform certain activities. Also moderation applies to everything such as the words we speak, the balance between our social and individual lives, how much work we perform, how much time should be spent playing etc. One who is imbalanced will knowingly or unknowingly suffer immensely. balance

Feminine and Masculine

Everyone has feminine and masculine attributes to their character; but the reason why people are confused about their identity is because of an imbalance between these two. Ultimately in the real world people are taught to be “masculine and firm” which is necessary when interacting with other people as it is not always possible to know fully the intentions of others. However I see that this hyper-masculinity present will actually degrade human consciousness and not allow full expression of divinity which arises through a balance of both these qualities. One who has both masculine and feminine qualities in balance is truly someone who manifests all the good,divine qualities by nature and grace.
What do I mean by this? I am saying that love for god is 100% feminine, whilst the way we are taught to behave in society is more or less 100% masculine. This has nothing to do with gender; femininity is actually a higher intelligence than masculinity which must find expression. Meanwhile femininity is self-satisfied and arises from conjugal affection/love. Therefore those who can successfully juggle between these qualities as the situation demands is intelligent; yet those who are too emotional or way too intellectual will suffer through their inability to change as the situation demands. Strong emotions are feminine attributes, whereas a strong tendency to be very intellectual and cautious are masculine attributes.

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Ultimately, I hope you can see why balance and moderation are essential in life and I may not have given ways to achieve balance; but balance and simplicity are themselves self explanatory. Listening to both your heart and logical mind in unison is what it means to act from “divine” consciousness ; because this is the only intelligent way to act in the world; yet cut through the duality of existence.

Furthermore everything stems from duality; hot and cold, good and bad, moral and immoral, sin and virtue ; yet divinity can see through duality, when one is said to have vision; this means he/she has balance therefore can see past the chaos which may be present. It is for this reason why all humans should find balance and from balance; one can grow and from growth one can transcend all limitations !

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