Order and Chaos – 3 Ways to Become Successful

Finding Balance between Order and Chaos – By Veron Singh

Finding a good balance between order and chaos is the key to not only be challenged by life situations, but to ultimately liberate yourself and grow stronger everyday. In human civilization; complete order is known as totalitarianism; meanwhile complete chaos is anarchy; both evidently; have their limitations. Similarly in the human form of life; too much order can cause complacency and suffocate the very essence of life. Whilst too much chaos can overwhelm an individual and result in stress/overload. Therefore just like anything in life; balance is key.


Finding a compromise between productivity and creativity is the first step to ensuring success. The word productivity itself has the word “product” in it. Therefore to be productive; means being efficient at achieving a desirable goal and ultimately requires pragmatism and clarity, Alternatively, creativity should be devoid from productivity; which generally contains mundane habits and activities. However even to be creative there is required a certain amount of clarity. In fact a clear mind is a prerequisite to maximize creative potential and fully utilize the potential of the mind.

Desire – Nature and Vision


An important question that all humans ask at one point or another is. What is it that I desire? Desire can be compared to the rivers that flow from the ocean; even though compared to the ocean which is the self; they are meaningless. But regardless they are real and therefore by asking this question; is the only way to either transcend or satisfy desire. The method to find out what you deeply desire and not just superficially; is to ask sincerely without fear and anxiety.

So there are two extremes of desire which are undesirable in the desiring process. This is desire for superficial material success and desires which are too extravagant and unattainable. If your desires are more money, women, sense gratification; I encourage you to think deeper. However if your desires are enlightenment, make $2,000,000, become famous; I encourage you to be sensible with your desiring process.

Therefore to seriously ask what you desire; is to consider your present situation, your past and what you want your future to look like. It is to think about the important people in your life and  desire a vision which is not only beneficial to your own success/well being and advancement; but also of the people around you. This type of desire; for success/well-being and spiritual advancement is actually the most desirable if you think about it !


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On Human Civilization Today 

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Click on the image above; to understand the four varnas of human civilization in Hinduism; a solution to chaos!

Generally, why there is so much pain, suffering and unrest in human society is because desire either became too perverted, or unattainable/unrealistic. Even the desire to become desire-less is a desire itself. Thus the element of sincerity is required when desiring and if you have advanced to a stage where the ongoing process of desire for sense gratification has stopped. Then suddenly sweet devotion enters your life and you can dedicate your time and energy to something truly worthwhile!

So to balance Order and Chaos; means challenging yourself each day and asking what is it that you desire in all sincerity! Also finding a compromise between productivity and creativity is a necessity.

Daily Practices 

Transcending limitations is more about breaking bad habits; before adopting a new lifestyle. Therefore it is recommended that you try to overcome obstacles by rising above them; instead of helplessly being stuck in them. So here is a challenge; try to write a habit or obstacle which is stopping you from leading a balanced and challenging life and try to transcend it. Also read this article : “All Problems are Illusion” to understand why you shouldn’t be struggling so much with life!






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