How to Achieve Perfection in Life – 9 Tips !

How to Achieve Perfection in Life – 9 Tips!

By Veron Singh

This is not a pipe dream ! 


Firstly, its important to have vision beyond immediate sense gratification.  This means realizing that life is more than the pleasures of the gross body and subtle mind. You must see that the human form is meant for education, religion and god realization and this can only begin when you factually and experimentally know/accept that you are spirit.



Perfection is achieved through manifesting a certain atmosphere.Creating an atmosphere conducive to self-development and spiritual advancement is necessary in every home; for that home to be successful. It is said that when a spiritual person moves in Hinduism he brings the whole atmosphere of Vrindavan with him. It is because the intensity of seeking and devotion to God is such that the whole atmosphere becomes purified. Similarly if you want to be productive; you must cultivate this same energy and not engage in mundane activities.

What do I mean by mundane activities? Sleeping, eating, sense gratification, entertainment these are all mundane in nature. Reading mundane literature, going to the cinema; even these activities do not help you become productive. Instead if you divert your energy to self-realization which occurs when you realize that you are the spirit and not the body. Then immediately; you stop material activity and spiritual life begins.

This is not to say to stop all activity; but to spiritualize it; by seeing everything as the Lord’s mercy; you can use it for liberation and not further entanglement. For more information on how to create a spiritual atmosphere conducive for any activity, visit :

Self Development

Self-development is a broad term; because there are many facets of life, naturally humans try to succeed at all areas. Finance, physical well being, emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, education and relationships. However by taking shelter in the original spiritual nature; all the other spheres of life are naturally taken care of by grace.  Tell me does a bird have to worry about where its going to get food from; no it simply flies up a tree and begins to eat the fruit; similarly a human need not be so preoccupied with the basic survival necessities of life.


To be efficient; means to use the body and mind to the highest capability. It means that you leave nothing in the tank. A bramarcharyia is efficient; or one who is engaged in student life. Such a person from a young age takes a vow of celibacy and takes to education and spiritual advancement over sense gratification. All modern people can learn from this; to be liberated from sex-life and material contamination is to be a bramarcharia. This is perfection!


Motivation is what makes you get up in the morning; its the reason why you do what you have to do. A spiritual person is fixed in transcendental activities; therefore is the most motivated person ! Meanwhile someone working on the material plane for sense gratification is moved by one hundred hopes and desires; bereft of vision past the next meal; or money, sex,food etc.


To be autonomous; does not mean to abuse your independence; instead it means that you are able to use your mind and body as your best tools. The mind is only an enemy for a fool; who is swayed off equilibrium easily. Instead by overcoming the modes of passion and ignorance; you can be situated in goodness and then only will your mind be a friend by nature. To do this; you must elevate consciousness by giving without expectation and acting for the greater well-fare of people.


As I have already said education is meant for humans and not for animals. So to achieve perfection means to be a student of life and to the greatest teacher is gods causeless mercy. In life one may have many teachers; all of them are learned in their respective subjects and it is necessary to submissively listen to the teacher for knowledge to be imparted. Similarly one should submissively hear the spiritual master; who can impart the knowledge which stands against time and is spoken for ones eternal well-being and not some temporary material position. — Click the link for more on time management.


To be submissive is not to give up free will; it is to serve a purpose larger than yourself and ultimately the largest purpose is God. Tell me can a human ever go without serving something; even our so called leaders must serve a purpose, idea. Therefore service and submission is a natural aspect of life. So the only question is who will you submit to; fools and rascals; or intelligent men who are devotees of god. Devotion is the highest form of intelligence known to man; because it means that one is unwavering in discipline and focus!

Transcend Bad Habits

Finally for those who are fallen souls. Who have taken to bad, perverted habits and have lost sight of the purpose of life. It is necessary to transcend these habits which lead you straight on a path to hell. One can only sensibly transcend bad habits when they act consciously and do not succumb to animal nature. Therefore self-control and austerity are two good qualities which should be present in all humans.


So to achieve perfection in this life; consider these 9 essential tips; that will carry you through any challenge ! 

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