How to deal with hyper active children

“Raju has been 3 years old and is very active. At home, he can climb all the furniture, even dare to climb the window trellis. When Raju’s father let his guard down a little, Raju was already absorbed in playing in the street in front of the house. When traveling with Father and Mother, Raju often walks alone. In bookstores or supermarkets, he likes to wander between shelves and is busy holding all the things that attract attention. As if the energy is never used up “.

Hi Mother, how are you? There is something you need to know, most children often feel uncomfortable when they are too restrained or taken to a new place. Especially when the development stage of the child is still learning to walk or the age of play.

If you do too many restrictions, they will instead become agitated and become more active than usual. But Mother, watch out, do not rush to conclude that the

Small as a hyperactive child. Uncomfortable circumstances, naturally make them nervous. The reactions varied, ranging from moving on, not stopping to whine, to crying out loud.

According to Child Psychologist June Thompson, in his book, Toddler Care “Guidelines for Taking Care of a Toddler” says a child who is very rowdy or crying loudly, is not the same as a hyperactive child. “It’s the same as a child who just wakes up in the morning and has enormous energy,”

Mother, not only are the conditions uncomfortable for the child, but the nature of the active child also arises when he is too happy or happy. According to Thompson, at such times there is a kind of feeling challenged or euphoric that makes children move here and there. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you see it becoming very active.

Mother only needs to do a few ways to deal with hyperactive children as below:

1. Show a firm attitude, but you don’t need to be angry

Call the name of the mother. Then look at his eyes and face until his attention is on the Mother. Then give suggestions by saying that the action has been excessive. Also, he says that the pleasure he expresses with bad behavior has disturbed his friends. For example, by saying “You can get the toys, please love the game and don’t take the theme.”

2. Be consistent with what the Mother has promised or said

Often children aged 18 months – 3 years become more active because they feel angry. Anger arises because there is frustration from within our children. One reason is that they find facts or circumstances that do not match the description spoken by parents. So Mother, do not give excessive promises huh, Especially if the words of Mother is just a false promise to calm down when the child sulks.

3. Try to find out the cause of active behavior in your child

Mother can try to remember back when your child showed very active behavior. So that they can look for and find the causes that influence their behavior. Thus, mothers can find solutions to overcome problems when children show active behavior.

4. If you have to say no, then give an explanation

Curiosity and not accept in the Little One will trigger continual whining. Usually, this will continue to be a bigger noise.

Mother, it’s only natural that the child is centered on his world, all his curiosity must be fulfilled by parents as much as possible. Explain in simple language that is easy to understand as a way of speaking well with children. Don’t use figures of speech or analogies. Continue to follow the question until he is satisfied. After that, they will calm down by themselves.

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