Psychology- How to Read People ! 5 Foundations

Psychology- How to Read People ! 5 Foundations- By Veron Singh 

A huge preoccupation in today’s society is psychology and how to solve mental health issues. But other than the more serious applications of a therapist; knowledge of psychology can better equip you for your own relationships. Buddha was no psychologist; but his advice for relationships are timeless. So this post are for people who want to understand human behavior and the motivations and subconscious which rule others; with the only purpose being to seek out the right company and understand society.


You can tell a lot about someone by what they are motivated by; this has mainly to do with human desire and usually just by figuring out what a person wants; you can tell whether they are worth your time. Mostly people are motivated by superficial material things such as money, attraction to the opposite sex, fame etc. However someone who has deeper motivations; such people are usually more subtle in their dealings and even cautious at times. Yet sticking through with these people can prove to not only be helpful; but associating with such company will change your mindset/behaviors and even speech.

All in all there are two types of people; crows and swans. Crows are filthy; they like to eat only garbage, hang out with other crows and are generally greedy/competitive and directionless. However swans always hang out in ponds that are transparent, where there are lotus flowers, the air is clean and they can associate with other swans who are not so worried about material possessions and more so about spiritual advancement.

This is the sort of company which you should always seek to find in the world and to be honest it is very rare! I am not suggesting that swans are superior to crows; only that the motivations are different. Someone who always acts like an animal, or someone who is more reserved; tell me which one is more attractive? Obviously it is the person who keeps their human nature above the animal tendency for sense gratification!


Behaviors arise from motivations or lack thereof. Someone who is always eager to prove something will be hasty, talkative and disagreeable. Meanwhile someone who is self-satisfied will be peaceful, only do as much as needed and talks only about pleasant,truthful things.

behavior,psychologyAnimal like behavior is quite evident in most human beings; if someone says something nice about them; they are really easy to pacify. But the minute they are challenged it is like an immediate attack on their identity which is fixed in unconsciousness. Therefore it is always recommended to know how to adapt to the social situation accordingly; but if there is a disagreement between values/opinions there should be no need to get defensive.

Subtle behaviors can also suggest that a person likes you, but is generally shy. In such a situation it becomes very important to read subtle cues. When someones feet is directed at you in a conversation; it means they are engaged and interested; the minute they stop facing you means they are most likely tuning out!


Speech can either be truthful but harsh, deceitful and harsh, truthful and pleasing or deceitful and cunningly pleasing! Someone who has no vested interests will only speak that which is truthful and pleasing; meanwhile someone who is openly disagreeable will try to deceive in a harsh way. On the other other hand those who think their path is the only way will be sincerely truthful yet intrusive. Meanwhile those who are like cunning foxes are deceitful; yet hide their duplicity under a facade of meekness or agreeableness.

psychologyYou will find all types of speech, in all types of people at all times; thus it helps to discriminate between them. Yet generally people are truthful and pleasing in a civilized society and this can only happen when everyone is satisfied with their position, wealth and prosperity. Yet in reality there is no such utopia; therefore speech changes just like situations changes.

Humans fall-down from a civilized state to an uncivilized state the minute they falsely think they are being used or attacked. Therefore look out for all these speeches and keep your speech truthful and pleasing if you want a peaceful and advancing life! Here is Buddha’s advice on relationships!



Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is being able to empathize with another human being; usually when people are sad, it is not helpful to act happy and pompous even though you may be feeling ecstatic. Similarly if you are sad and there is no support; you must seek help or try to transcend the situation on your own merit. In this world nothing is not supplied to us; so whilst others may disagree with you; your desires,motivations, spiritual advancement is not blocked by anything material. In that respect all problems are illusion. Check out this post :


Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Finally IQ ; figuring out how intelligent someone is can be pretty easy if you can read subtle cues. A combination of how they act, speak,  hold themselves, interact with others and OBVIOUSLY their social media posts 😀 ; will help you figure out if they are intellectually sharp. Yet IQ doesn’t mean intellectual superiority and nor is it solely based on genetics; therefore don’t be quick to judge people on intelligence; at the same time don’t overestimate someones ability by what they tell you. Because smart people generally exaggerate their achievements due to their relationship with success. For more on how to utilize the brain click here :


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