Really Sunlight Can Kill Corona Virus

Hi friends, how are you guys? Hopefully, there will always be in good health, on this occasion I will try to review about a virus that is currently a very trend in the world, haha, why do I say it with a trend? because this virus is very famous as an artist bolywood. But of course, hopefully, we can all avoid this deadly virus.

Friend, there is an assumption that the coronavirus will disappear or disappear if we bask in the sun, is it really like that ?, Let’s check the facts.

Friend, recently the World Health Organization (WHO), the world health organization said that the hot and humid temperatures of the Covid-19 virus can still be contagious. Until now there has been no research that says that the virus will die at hot temperatures.

So the best-recommended way to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus is by diligently washing your hands and cleaning your hands with alcohol or disinfectants.

Even though the sun’s rays aren’t proven to be deadly to the Covid-19 virus, it doesn’t hurt like a friend in the sun. Because sunbathing can improve

the immune system or immune system and a good immune system can work against Covid-19 in the body.

Corona Covid-19 virus when it enters the body will control the RNA cells, but if the immune system is good then the virus will be resisted by our body’s immune system so that it does not control the RNA and the immune system will continue to work against the virus so it dies.

So what happens, the patient may not show symptoms until heal by itself. Because Covid-19 also includes self-limiting disease which means it can heal by itself if our immune system is good. But on the contrary, it will show symptoms if our immune system is not good.

This is one of the uses of friends at home, social distancing. So that those affected by the disease but do not show symptoms (healthy carrier), will not transmit to others who may be immune to the virus.

Also, Covid-19 is a new type of disease. So the immune system needs time to recognize and make the body’s defenses. So that at home alone can help the body’s immunity against the virus quickly without interference from other exposure from outside.

Well, friends, The question is, how can sunbathing increase the body’s immune system? According to the doctor, sunbathing will activate vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is what will increase the effectiveness of calcium metabolism (calcium channel) at the cellular level of our body, thereby increasing endurance.

The recommended sunbathing is 07.00-08.00 WIB. On top of these hours, it is not recommended to sunbathe, because the levels of UV light are different, which can damage skin cells. There is no limit to the amount of time for sunbathing. All adapted to the condition of the body. “As long as the body feels warm enough, that’s enough.

So, what about you, friend, is it always routine to sunbathe ?, It doesn’t hurt, right? To maintain the health of our bodies and avoid diseases that we don’t want.

Coronavirus is very worrying, even in various parts of the world coronavirus is always a busy topic to talk about, now our friends need to learn from what we see today, be careful and always take care of the health of your family.

Ok, greetings to all and always healthy.


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