Recommendations and Prohibitions of Taking Vitamins

Hello friends, usually most of us take vitamins to maintain endurance, or to meet the nutritional needs in our body. But we need to be careful, not many people know how to consume vitamins properly. Some can consume various types of supplements and vitamins in a day. Come on, pay attention to the following recommendations and prohibitions on taking vitamins, so my friend can get the optimal benefits.

Recommendations for taking vitamins

If you think that taking vitamins in supplements can replace all the nutrients your body needs, then that is not true, you are still advised to obtain vitamin intake from eating fruits and vegetables. If you have consumed a variety of nutritious foods regularly, then that means you no longer need to take food supplements or vitamins.

Friends, supplements, or vitamins can be consumed when the need arises, such as in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and in people who are elderly or our bodies experience a lack of intake when they are sick and recovering after the illness. But friends must make sure to consume vitamins by the following recommendations:


Friend, please note that the vitamin needs and nutritional intake of each person vary, depending on age, gender, and health conditions. If you are under the age of 19 and suffer from certain diseases or for pregnant or breastfeeding women, then taking vitamins is highly recommended according to doctor’s recommendations.

The second

Friend, actually vitamins don’t have to be consumed every day. We recommend that new friends take vitamins when the body feels insufficient intake, such as when you are sick and experiencing interference due to unbalanced diet,

The third

The best time to take vitamins varies, depending on the type of vitamin. However, the average vitamin is best taken after meals.

Vitamin C and D if taken by using calcium-rich milk, will increase the absorption of calcium in the body.

Well, friend, after we know the benefits of vitamins now friends must know the Prohibition on Taking Vitamins.

Friend, we need to know that there are things that are not recommended when taking vitamins. If vitamins are consumed the wrong way, then instead of the good benefits that can be obtained, they might even have a bad effect on our health.

Do not take vitamins by using caffeinated drinks. Because caffeine can inhibit the absorption of vitamin D. And if taken together with vitamins that contain iron, then 80% of the content will not be absorbed by the body.

Do not consume vitamins in doses that are too high, because it can interfere with metabolism in the body. Especially vitamins A, D, E, and K. The four types of vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins, which can accumulate if consumed in excess so that it becomes toxic in the body.

Things you need to consider before buying vitamins

If you decide to take a vitamin supplement, you should be advised by your doctor and you need to pay attention to the following before buying it:

Read the label on the packaging carefully. Pay attention to the dosage of use and ingredients, once consumption, benefits, side effects, and expiration date.

Choose multivitamin and mineral supplements that meet 100 percent of daily needs (daily value / DV) compared to those containing only 10 percent DV of one type of vitamin and 300 percent of DV of other types of vitamins.

Make sure the vitamin product has been registered in the data of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency to ensure its quality and the most important thing you can ask your doctor about recommended and well-known vitamin products.

Ok, until here first our discussion about vitamins that are good for consumption, thanks for your attention and always healthy greetings.


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