The Danger of Drinking Soda for Health

Greetings friend, Before explaining the dangers of soda, you need to know that the content of soft drinks generally contains preservatives, dyes, and sweeteners. Some studies link soft drinks with various health problems, especially if you consume them too often.

Well, friend, here are some dangers of soft drinks that you should know about, including:

1. Dangerous for the Kidney

Friend, A study revealed, consumption of soft drinks 2 times a day can cause damage to the kidneys. This can happen because the content of soft drinks consists of sweeteners and artificial dyes, caffeine, and phosphoric acid, if the business is kidney then it must be very careful.

2. Can Increase Risk of Diabetes

friend all, usually people with diabetes will be very limited to consume sugar. This is because the insulin hormone in the body is not enough, it is not even able to convert sugar into muscle sugar (glycogen). and consequently, blood sugar (glucose) will increase and be dangerous.

Remember, diabetes is also one disease that can trigger other diseases, such as stroke and coronary heart damage.

3. Inhibits Calcium Absorption, Resulting in Bone Loss

Friend, this is a very terrible thing, have you ever heard of a teenager who can’t get up to walk due to suffering from bone keros ?.

Phosphoric acid and caffeine in soft drinks are thought to reduce calcium absorption in bones, which can ultimately cause osteoporosis.

Friend, Low-fat milk is one of the drinks you need to maintain bone health. In addition to milk, egg yolks, broccoli, and cheese can also help bone conditions.

A study revealed the dangers of soft drinks can reduce bone strength, especially in a woman. The study confirmed that a woman who routinely consumes soft drinks has weaker hip bones than those who do not consume soft drinks.

Friends need to know, that the content of phosphoric acid in soda drinks that cause a sensation of freshness or air bubbles can eat bones. If soda drinks continue to be consumed, the longer the bones will be more fragile and shaped like perforated pores. Decreased bone density will trigger the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Trigger pancreatic cancer.

Drinking two servings of soda per day increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by two times. This is a type of cancer that is difficult to treat. The effect when the pancreas is troubled is the pancreas fails to produce insulin which can burn excess sugar in the body. If you have this, the disease will spread to type 2 diabetes and other possible complications of the disease. The high sugar factor is believed to be a cause of problems in the pancreas.

5. Causes premature births in pregnant women

Not only in normal people, but the dangers of soft drinks can also occur in pregnant women. A study revealed pregnant women who routinely consume soft drinks were found to be more likely to give birth prematurely.

6. Causes Early Aging

A study at Harvard Medical School of 5,583 girls aged 9 to 14 found that those who drank one and a half cans of soft drinks a day had their first menstruation earlier than those who did not.

Well, that’s some of the dangers of soft drinks that can occur in your body. Meanwhile, if you want to consume soft drinks, you should consume diet soda. Diet soda is relatively safe because the levels of artificial sweeteners are considered not harmful to health. However, this drink is not a good drink to consume every day.

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