The Dangers Of Wearing Tights For Health Including Ms. V and Mr. P

Hello friend, this time I will invite you to get to know the dangers of wearing tight pants

Wearing tight clothes can sometimes make you look more fashionable. However, did you know that tight clothing brings its dangers to health? What are the risks of wearing tight clothes too often?

Some studies have reported that excessive pressure will have a devastating effect on the body. The habit of using tight clothing can suppress the lymphatic system (lymphatic channels), the blood vessel system, organs in the body, muscles, other connective tissue, and certain nerves.

This of course can affect your health condition, ranging from air circulation, stomach problems, or even skin disorders. Here are the dangers you might encounter when wearing tight clothing.

1. Meralgia paresthetica

One of the dangers of wearing other tight clothing is triggering meralgia paresthetica which attacks your thigh area.

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition when there is pressure by surrounding tissue on the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous (LFCN) nerve. This nerve acts as the recipient of sensory stimulation on the surface of the skin of the outer thigh so that when receiving excessive pressure it will cause pain or burning.

Generally, this condition is caused by the use of skinny jeans which causes the thigh area to be depressed, especially when you are forced to insert a key or a piece of pants pocket.

If you experience some of the symptoms below after frequently using skinny jeans or other tight clothing, consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.

* Feeling a burning sensation or tingling in the thighs

* Heat sensitive, like warm water feels like it burns your skin

* Sensitive to touch


For young people, jeans are often worn every day. Besides being practical and simple, Jeans also look cool. Instead of wanting to look cool and fashionable, wearing jeans every day that are too tight turns out to be dangerous to the body.

What are the possibilities that occur in the body if frequently wearing tight jeans every day?

2. Urinary tract infections

The use of pants that are tight and do not fit well in the groin area will be harmful to health.

If tight pants are worn for long periods it will result in urinary tract infections. If this happens, there will be a weakening of the urinary content, but it can also make it overactive.

3. Skin irritation

Frequent wearing tight pants also risk skin irritation that invites many bacteria or germs that can cause other skin diseases to arrive.

Usually, infected skin will be contaminated with fungi found in the female genital area. Likewise with men which results in sperm cell levels because the male genital temperature area becomes too warm.

4. Back pain

Wearing tight pants also has the potential to experience back pain, especially if the disease recurs, using tight pants will worsen the condition.

Also with the intense activity every day, the use of tight pants is feared to disrupt or inhibit all activities, such as bending, walking, or sitting.

5. Nerve pinched

This disease can arise because tight pants can compress the groin and interfere with the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, both can occur in women and men.

The nerve can be trapped at the bottom of the connective tissue resulting in nerve stress or commonly referred to as nerve clamps.

6. Impaired muscle function

Someone who likes to wear tight pants can also be affected by compartment syndrome, which is leg muscles that experience excessive pressure that disrupts normal muscle function.

Because there is a case of a woman who can’t stand up because of squatting for too long using tight pants. After being examined by a doctor, it turns out he had the syndrome.

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