The Process of Instilling Discipline in Children

Discipline in Children

Hello friends, of course, among us often complaining about the behavior of children who can not be disciplined, well friend, instill discipline in children is a process that consists of several things, including;


We as parents must be able to show and teach good behavior towards our children and teach alternative behaviors that are more “appropriate” to our children.

The stipulation of Rules and Limitations

Sometimes among us, as parents assume that by giving rules and limits imposed on children, will make children unhappy or make children become depressed and stressed. This assumption is BIG. Because without clear boundaries and rules, children will feel insecure and confused. Children will also find it difficult to adapt to their environment.

Behavior Correction

Friend, try to teach children to be disciplined positively and logically. But still full of love, then they will learn to be responsible for the actions they take.

For example when a child does not do the task of tidying the room by what was agreed upon. Though he has been reminded by his parents several times. Children will lose time watching TV.

When the rules and consequences that will be received by the child are clear, specific, and logical. Then the child will learn to discipline and regulate his actions.

Show Affection and Respect

Now how do we as parents want to be treated by children, so that is also the way that must be shown to children? Especially when disciplining children.

Make sure that the child understands it even though you don’t like what he is saying or doing. But we still love and appreciate it. Listen to his opinion and then explain what the correct behavior is accompanied by reasons and examples.


Now our friends as parents can sometimes try to punish the actions of our children that we don’t like, even though we usually allow it. Never once do we as parents apply the rules to children but when children break the rules you ignore them or vice versa. Of course, this will make your child annoyed and confused.

Consistent parent behavior is the most important thing in instilling discipline. It makes children understand what kind of behavior is expected by parents. Children can understand/predict the behavior of their parents.


The child’s discipline is not the result of a parent’s dictatorship in regulating children’s behavior. Parents can discuss with children, even though they are 5 years old.

Allow children to express their opinions on the rules that apply at home. Give the consequences of the accompanying behavior if the rules are violated. This is important to show that parents respect the thoughts and feelings of their children. Also, teach them that the opinion of each family member is an important thing to respect.

This discussion is important so that children understand the importance of rules and the benefits of the rules for themselves. Proper understanding is important as a basis for a child’s future. Where later when they grow up, they can make good decisions for themselves.

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