The Right Way to Deal With Our Stubborn Children

Hello, Greetings for mothers who are happy with their families, especially children, this time I will give tips for mothers so that mothers are not confused when facing a stubborn or bad-tempered mother.

Facing stubborn or rebellious children is certainly not easy for every parent. For example, children are lazy to take a shower, do not want to eat, or run away from their nap habits. Not a few parents who vent their emotions with anger and surrender with the attitude of the child tantrum.

The most effective way to deal with stubborn children is not to get angry or yell at children, but rather by giving full attention. How to? Read on the following review

Recognize the causes of stubborn and resisting children

Mother, Stubbornness in children is a form of rejection of something contrary to their wishes. Stubborn children, whether girls or boys, tend to be very sensitive and cannot be persuaded by those around them. This is because they want their requests fulfilled immediately.

When children turn stubborn and resist, it can be because they see the same example. Therefore, you should be careful if you behave in front of your child because children are very easy to imitate those around them.

Also, stubborn children tend to seek attention from others. This condition is the same as tantrum children but in stubborn children more often throw tantrums to get attention

One way to deal with a stubborn child is to respond to an overflow of emotions. This does not mean you give up with every request of your child, but rather being assertive while showing affection towards him.

Well, effective ways to deal with stubborn and resisting children without having to get angry is as follows:

1. Listen carefully to the wishes of our children

Communication with children is the most important thing in dealing with stubbornness. This communication must be two-way. If you want your child to listen to you, then you must be willing to listen to it first. Because stubborn children tend to have strong opinions and like to argue for their desires fulfilled.

Children can turn stubborn if they feel they are no longer being heard by others. So, try to approach the child and listen to what he wants. This will make him feel important and become calmer without fighting back.

2. Avoid forcing children

When you tend to force children to do something, usually your child will rebel and do what they should not do. This is included in the form of contention, one of the common characteristics of stubborn children.

Take, for example, you force your six-year-old child to stop watching TV and go to sleep. This actually won’t help, instead, it will trigger resistance from your child.

Conversely, when you show your attention to what children watch, then your child will give a certain response and feel more comfortable. Your child will feel that his parents are giving him attention. According to Susan Stiffelman in her book entitled Parenting Without Power Struggles, building relationships with a stubborn child can melt the heart of the child so that it becomes more obedient.

3. Give our children choices

Children have their way of thinking and don’t like to be told what to do.

Take, for example, you tell your child to sleep when he was busy watching TV. The answer you might hear is the word “no”. This is the same if you give toys that are not liked by your child, then the answer might be the same.

To deal with this stubborn child, use special tricks by giving him choices. For example, when you want your little one to sleep and let go of the TV, try giving your child a choice of which storybooks he will choose to tell before sleeping.

Divert your child’s attention with an interesting story of the mouse deer or cucumber mas that he can choose. If your child still refuses, keep calm while repeating the same thing as much as possible.

But remember, you must remain calm and not show emotion. Over time, your child will give up and follow your will.

4. Teach children to behave well.

Don’t pinch or treat stubborn children occasionally in rude ways. Because again, this will be absorbed in his memory and may be done in the future.

Therefore, show good behavior in front of your child so he will be good for you. Give compliments when your child completes your orders properly.

For example, make a graph and stick a star on it when your child completes the task. Also, you can give them certain gifts to strengthen the positive behavior of your child.

No matter how hard the child’s attitude, believe that you can handle it with a calm attitude. Thus, your stubborn child will turn into a more disciplined and obedient child.



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