Time Management – 7 Ways to Maximize Efficiency

Time Management : 7 Ways  to Maximize Efficiency – By Veron Singh

Limited amount of time and energy

Every human has a limited amount of time and energy; therefore we should all try to see how we can make the most of time and use our energy to benefit a large amount of people and for a noble cause. By doing so we can live a life of empowerment, vitality and success !

1.Organisation and Planning


3.Passion and Perseverance

4.Transcend Bad Habits

5.Break Down Big Tasks

6.Don’t focus on the details but the delivery

7.Work ethic is key


Organisation and Planning

Staying organised and planning for the future through a journal, a book or even a whiteboard is the way to ensure you are always on track to fulfill your vision and not deviate from the task at hand. The first step to managing your time; is knowing what you want to achieve and how you are going to set out to achieve it!

Moreover, unlike common perception creating a routine does not restrict you, instead it gives you more freedom to pursue the things that really matter. Efficiency is the key here; don’t create goals that you can’t fulfill, but don’t underwhelm yourself with menial tasks either. Working hard is for animals like cats and dogs. A human has intelligence, therefore organize and plan; before execution!


Just like anything; there is a set method you have to follow to attain success and experience well-being. Not only the quantity, but the quality and efficiency of the method is important. So lets discuss the easiest methods. Instead of breaking up a day into time slots; its way more easier if your routine flows and makes logical sense. For example instead of writing for how many hours you are going to study; it is way more efficient to create a list of activities and following through with it as the the day passes.

For example, my list may include : Shower, Clean Room, Study, Eat, Work,Creative Pursuits, Physical Exercise(Swimming/Resistance Training), Eat, Walk, Plan/Journal,Second Shower and Sleep. In that way; the more I actually do these things and create a liking towards them; the faster I will become more efficient and attain success/well-being. However if I put a time restriction the functions become more mechanical and inevitably I will be thinking about when to stop and neglect the work at hand.

Passion and Perseverance 


Finding something which naturally appeals to you and then consistently devoting yourself to it; is how success in any field is attained. So what are you passionate about. Fitness/Exploration/Studying/Programming ; you need to choose something, do it consistently and that’s how a human properly utilizes their time!

Transcend Bad Habits 

Bad habits are signs that you are losing not only your humanity but your self control. So don’t give into them. Some bad habits that all humans should break one way or another is; excessive meat consumption, watching too much entertainment, smoking, gambling, alcohol consumption and other hedonistic behaviors.

Replace these with studying, eating healthy food, going in nature, mediation and reading spiritual books which solve the problems of life! These include the Vedas,; Upanishads and sastras which hold significance for today’s society as well! The Srimad Bhagavatam  is the fruit of all Vedic knowledge and any serious student should read such a literature!

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Break Down Big Tasks 

Big Tasks can be broken up into small tasks and if you can lay each brick down perfectly; then soon enough you have yourself a foundation of knowledge, skills and power to draw from. Therefore whatever is your vision; it is important to consistently do the small steps; which are vital for any enterprise. Vision without pragmatism is sentimentalism. Pragmatism without vision; is just stupidity. So you need to break down your tasks !

Don’t focus on the details but the delivery

Sometimes when we are cut for time; the delivery is more important than the details. Especially considering that most people have short time spans; its better off to get to the essence of your vision and not try to obscure it with colorful words/images. At the same time; never sacrifice creativity for productivity!

Work Ethic is Key 

The atmosphere that you create in the work/study or home environment is ultimately the key to success. If you are dedicated to the vision and take action every day; then naturally the atmosphere will be of a higher nature!

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