Tips for choosing healthy foods

Hi friends, of course, we all know to get a healthy body. However, to get a healthy body requires caution in choosing food

But unfortunately, many of our friends ignore that regular eating patterns and always choosing healthy foods is very important for our health.

My friend will try to review a little about the food that should be consumed by the meal.

1. Fibrous foods and protein for breakfast

Start in the morning with friends to eat foods that are easy to digest, as fibrous foods can help maintain the digestive health of friends. Meanwhile, to support the calorie and nutritional needs, choose a protein that can absorb energy quickly, ok below is an example of good food to eat at breakfast:

First, there is Egg

Eggs are very rich in protein content. Besides having a lot of protein content, eating eggs at breakfast also makes the stomach full, and eggs also apparently can reduce calorie intake and keep sugar and insulin levels stable.

The second is Wheat Bread

Wheat bread can be the best choice for breakfast. Wheat bread has higher fiber and carbohydrates compared to white bread.

The third is Oatmeal

Oatmeal is also the choice of a place to be your breakfast menu friend. The content in oatmeal food can form a protective layer that can prevent hydrochloric acid which can be harmful to the stomach wall and oatmeal also contains soluble fiber that serves to reduce cholesterol in the body. So, do not hesitate to consume oatmeal at breakfast.

2. Vegetables and meat that contain carbohydrates for lunch

Vegetables and carbohydrates are needed to support midday activities. When your immune system and concentration begin to decline, eat the following menus:

The first thing a friend should eat is vegetables or salad

Salad is a healthy food menu that is good for consumption. In addition to the best friend’s salad can also add some food ingredients according to taste, of course with healthy food ingredients. Characteristics of a protein salad is a salad that contains vegetables, fruit, and tuna. Besides being delicious and refreshing, this menu also gives friends energy during the day

The second is soup

Soup is the most practical food menu, soup can also contain vegetables that are very useful for the health of the body. The contents needed by the body are found in vegetable soup. Soup also has a calorie intake that is right for the body because the calories in the body that are not used will be converted into fat.

The third is meat

Usually, dishes made from meat are very fitting for consumption during the day. The content contained in meat is very good for burning and also provides oxygen for the body’s organ systems. However, of course, if cooked properly will maintain the balance of the content contained in meat.

3. Don’t eat too much carbohydrate at dinner

Nighttime activities are usually relatively less than during the daytime. For that, reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugar when eating at night. Here is a list of foods that are suitable for friends to eat at night:

The first is fish

Friends can choose a diet based on fish, such as sardines, salmon, and mackerel because it can be a source of omega-3 fatty acids that are very good for the body, especially for the heart’s health. Friends can consume as much as two servings of fish in one week.

Ok, friend, this is the first step to choosing healthy food, thank you



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