Utilize you Brain to Thrive! 5 Steps

Utilize your Brain ! – By Veron Singh

There are some simple things that anyone can do, to not only survive but thrive in any situation. Here are some ways you can utilize and take care of your brain to naturally ensure well-being!

1.Exercise Frequently 

Exercise is a huge factor to brain health and it has been proven that a sedentary lifestyle can in fact be detrimental to mental health and reduce effectiveness in the workplace and at home. Aerobic exercise have been proven to reduce the chances of dementia and increase mental alertness and sharpness.

It has been shown that exercise just twice a week can halve your chance of general dementia according to the New York Times Best Seller – brain rules ; by John Medina. Check out the  book; by clicking the thumbnail . Furthermore the book outlines why the human historically was made for walking more than 12 miles a day and why exercise actually allows blood and nutrients to the brain!


Also, for advice on nutrition and sport; check out : https://happylifesteps.com/what-does-it-take-to-be-an-athlete/


2.Sleep Well 

Sleeping not only at a consistent time schedule; but in proper amounts is vital to maintain brain functionality and ensure overall well-being. Whilst it is not compulsory to sleep 7-8 hours; it has generally been recommended by doctors and health professionals. Its better to not exercise directly before sleeping; and to take a shower;preferably luke-warm or cold; to derive the maximum benefits for the brain and body.

Also sleep is about restfulness and under-sleeping/oversleeping are two common bad-habits which need to be stopped. The effects of under-sleeping are stress/overload. Meanwhile oversleeping increases the lethargy in the system and makes you more dull/unresponsive over time. So sleep as much as your body requires and naturally a sleep pattern will be created if you consistently sleep at a set time. Waking up on the other hand is a natural process; and upon becoming conscious it is better to get up and start the day!

For more information on understanding sleep and its effects on the brain; check out :


3. Explore Often 

Exploration is a natural past-time for any human; either on the beach, in nature, in your garden. Furthermore living a life of adventure, wonder and challenge is beneficial not only to the brain; but for your whole being. Humans are natural explorers and seekers; thus the sedentary lifestyle of modern society inevitably is the cause of human suffering and lethargy; in brain and body! For inspiring life adventures/fitness challenges check out my Personal YouTube Channel :



4.Cultivate Knowledge 

Cultivating knowledge is how to continually utilize the brain and empowering yourself to live a better life! You can do so by reading, applying for courses in person or online. As well as through meditation and other means. The Power and Purpose Blog is Dedicated to cultivating knowledge ; consider subscribing to the email list :  https://powerandpurpose718552827.wordpress.com

Also check out the latest on why education is so important ! https://happylifesteps.com/education-3-reasons-why-you-should-seek-it/

5.Stop the Psychological and Emotional Drama

Life can sometimes be a huge roller coaster of emotional and psychological drama that never seems to stop. Therefore it is time to liberate your mind from fear, attachment and worry and become empowered to live a life of truth. When one worships the intellect one always feels like a fool, when one worships self image one always feels ugly, when one worships money one always feels poor, when one worships power one always feels insecure. Thus worshiping any one thing is not practical. Meditation is becoming nothing; when you become nothing you have everything. Therefore you should be in meditation no matter what; either sitting, standing,working; there is no excuse.




So, use these 5 rules to make sure you are using your brain at its highest function; that way you can lead a life of success and well being; being able to thrive in any environment !



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