What would be the aftermath of this global pandemic-corona? Positive or Negative?

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Lockdown. Lockdown.  Quarantine everywhere!

If you’re wondering about how our lives would turn around after the pandemic. Check out this article.

Current Scenario :

Well.  Let’s first see how we’re turning things around.

-> According to the latest information by BBC, currently they’re 150+ clinical trials around for the world. Considering, it’s difficult to test the drugs in real-world scenarios, but scientists are being optimistic about it.

-> Good news is several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Germany are beating corona virus with utmost surveillance, regulations, and corporation from the public.

-> Adding to the good news, the recovery rate is also increasing to positive numbers in countries such as India, France, Germany, Russia.

We might say, we’re struggling but growing strong following all the rules and regulations for benefit of the world.

Hygiene As a way to go:

We’ve seen brands advertising how well they’re products are. Now on further, the only way any brand sustains is how hygiene they’re.

Especially, In the hospitality sector, the travel sector,eCommerce sector. Brands will have to approach new kinds of management systems.

The demand for innovative home care and personal products becomes aggressive.

This leads to a huge curve in advertising and digital marketing fields.


There’s no doubt about the huge loss in SMB business in the world.

There’s a huge opportunity coming to the business in your neighborhood, Facebook has announced that it’s making a huge move to bring this business online. And Amazon, the world’s biggest marketplace is bringing more sellers to the table.

This would lead to more exposure. Anybody who’s smart enough to add value to their business is a winner.

Change in lifestyle :

During the Lockdown, we all adopted a new lifestyle. Whether it might be work from home, online classes, or cooking at home most of the time to beat corona virus. There’s definitely a change in us which we’re going to take forward with us. People are shifting to be more healthy as we understood being healthy and immune is most important than anything and also consuming food that’s priorly healthy.

There would be a huge paradigm shift in the wellness industry, fitness industry, and healthy food space.

Agriculture sector:

There’s always a question hanging in our heads, Agriculture is the most important sector as our life depends on it but farmers aren’t making enough because scalability even with the chemicals indeed destroying people’s health isn’t gonna cut it.

They’re many startups coming into the way of the agriculture sector to combine technology with farming to yield better results. But these aren’t widely used.

With people preferring a healthy lifestyle, combining tech with agriculture producing organic food and scaling up might be the only ideal solution.

Impact On Digital Content :

We’ve seen how e-commerce, Netflix, Instagram, and Youtube shaped our world.

Well, this is gonna rise to the sky post-corona pandemic.

As most of the traveling places or public places will be closed or operate with regulations for a long time.

We’re surely, to spend a lot of time on the digital mediums. Be it news, bloggers and online news websites have a huge opportunity cashing this demand.

Virtual tours, virtual experiences, virtual learning will likely be a part of our living.

Online education and cloud services are likely to scaleup as per the demand and to sustain.


In conclusion, corona virus aka covid19 global pandemic been and will be a huge blow out to us. But there’s nothing to fear as old opportunities close, new opportunities arise that’s the way it has been in the world since human evolution. Just sit back and relax, but not forget to learn new things until things get to normal.





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